BIM for Infrastructure

Corridor and Utility Modelling

All types of roads and water services like sewage, stormwater, firefighting, and portable recycle water supply can be modeled effectively through the use of alignment and profile diagrams.

Flyover & Bridge Modelling

Complex box girder, cast-in-situ, girders as well as tunnels can be modeled effectively by Techture. This includes complex curved modeling through the use of dynamo.

Coordination to Project Management

A similar workflow as buildings can be seamlessly adapted for an infrastructure project which starts with clash detection, drawing generation to 4D and 5D simulation.

BIM for Infrastructure

Consistent Drawings

The shop drawings are generated using 3D BIM Models and hence are consistent with no scope of manual errors. If there are any updates to the model, the plans, sections, details and schedules all update in real time, ensuring correct data in every construction document.

Quick and Accurate

The shop drawing process creation can be automated for a lot of disciplines, ensuring that all the outputs are generated extremely fast and according to a set of defined rules and standards.

Build Offsite

Since we build virtual, we put in a lot of thought into value engineering and planning into how costs, delays and wastage can be reduced. Use of BIM based shop drawing workflows encourages off-site and prefab construction which also contributes to a more sustainable project.

Urban Infrastructure Projects


  • Integration of existing terrain
  • Design Modelling
  • Clash Detection and Coordination
  • Design Review/Visualization
  • Quantity Estimation
  • 4D/5D Simulation


  • Potable Water Supply
  • Recycled Water Supply
  • Fire-Fighting
  • Industrial Sewage
  • Residential Sewage
  • Strom Water Drains


Various Kinds of pavement markings, subdivisions of road segments etc can be done as per the design.

Linear Infrastructure Projects


All available inputs are converted into 3D information-rich models for various analysis purposes. The model can be used for construction sites will all existing and proposed conditions and taking overall safety measures, for better site and logistic planning.


    The information like components installation, estimation of energy performance can be detailed in the BIM process. The new parameter can be defined as per the project-specific requirement.


      The team of structural engineers at Techture is adept with reinforcement modeling in all kinds of structures. We have provided the rebar model for infrastructural projects. Also, we have worked extensively in the rebar modeling for flyovers box girders, etc. Techture understands how to read the rebar details provided by the structural engineer, convert them into 3D models, optimize the length of rebar and hence create a bar bending schedule from the particular model. The bar bending schedule extracted by Techture can be used as an input for bar bending factories to get automated rebar which is already bent which can be directly placed on site. Techture follows RSIO, CRSI, BS, ASTM, ACI, international standard


        Tasks related to the designing and planning of an infrastructure project are focused on by the Architect, tasks such as quantity and cost estimation are generally sidelined and left to the estimator. Techture generates accurate and reliable quantity take-offs and cost estimates throughout the lifecycle of the project
        Once the BIM Model has been prepared through the existing plans, we carry out stringent processes of Clash Detection and Model coordination. This ensures that the model generated is accurate, coordinated and compatible for subsequent fabrication processes. The digital data extracted from the BIM model is utilized to detail all the fabrication components.
        Our Shop Drawings are extensively detailed with information about specifications, measurement dimensions, connection and installation. In addition to this, our 3D format shop drawings help communicate the design intent to the on-site contractors. This eliminates constructability issues or any future inconsistencies which would have caused delays otherwise.
        Fabrication drawings are generated directly through the BIM model, saving hours of manual drafting and ensuring accuracy in details. Even the connections are modelled to ensure efficient fabrication drawing generations.


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